Normal Reflexology

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that treats the whole of the body through the stimulation of certain reflex points located on the feet.

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Stick Foot Reflexology

The wooden massage stick has been used for hundreds of years when giving foot and hand massages.This kind of massages also use elements of reflexology.

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Hot Stone Foot Reflexology

Hot stone foot massage is a miraculous blend of eastern and modern massage techniques crafted to endow a unique experience of relaxation.

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The Major benefits of Reflexology include

Reflexology helps take the entire weight of your body off of your feet; it effectively reduces stress and stimulates a relaxed, refreshed feeling in your nerves. There are many reasons why using reflexology provides healthful benefits for people of all different ages.

  • Bask in the process of self-healing & maintaining the balance that leadsto good health.
  • Regulate your digestive process by improving nourishment absorption and releasing toxins.
  • Cancel out the effects of stress while reaching a place of deep inner peace.
  • Effective in managing arthritis, migraine, back pain, PMS and depression.
  • Detoxifies and optimizes the functioning of organs
  • Regulates the distribution and balance of the hormones to regulate your body activities.
  • Treat your diabetes by controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Relaxes your body off Anxiety disorder and depression.
  • Effective in treating BP & Cholesterol levels and positive changes noticed in ECG, EEG & FMRI measurements
  • Improves Metabolism & Concentration. It Relaxes body and Mind stress.

Our Reflexology Services
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Foot Massage in Chennai

Stress Relife

Foot reflexology commonly taken for handle stress with short period of time. The methods provide easy relief from stress in your body. To take a massage reaches us on here. The frequent visits provide better solutions. Initiate stress free life now.

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Foot Massage in Chennai

Heartburn Services

Heart burn is the common disorder now a day. It means the unusual movements from focal point of chest from throat. What can do with foot massage therapy..? We are giving easy solution for this disorder in chennai. To take a practice makes live healthy.

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Foot Massage in Chennai

Diabetics Services

Foot massage what to do for diabetes. People have enough knowledge of diabetes and its causes, factors. Reflexology not cure the diabetes but it can control the sugar level in bloods coz of pressuring some feet point to refresh the organs in our body

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Foot Massage in Chennai

Migraine Services

The severe ach on head is called migraine. In there more than 200 infections are take reason for frosty. The migraine symptoms involves sore throat, sniffing, watery eyes, head clog, head ach. Foot massages in chennai have good solutions for this.

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About Us
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Foot Haven is an exclusive foot reflexology center. Since its inception in 2014, it has catered to a varied clientele, ranging from young executives, looking for a soothing stress buster, to individuals seeking relief from diabetes, numbness and chronic pain. Foot Haven is committed to best practices in the health and lifestyle industry. We are devoted to delighting the customer, compliments from our clients are our driving force and chief source of motivation.

Therapists : The therapists at FootHaven India Pvt Ltd undergo rigorous training for over three months , from International Trainers, before they are engaged as practitioners in foot reflexology. They are carefully chosen for their calm demeanour, warmth and politeness- characteristics essential for the helping professions.

Foot Massage in Chennai

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